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Ice Packs for Weight Loss

Ice Packs for Weight Loss

The theory of Ice Therapy and that when you are cold, your body has to do a lot more work to do the same things as when it is warm – so you burn much more fat. You have something called Brown Fat that is located around blood vessels and keeps your blood warm. By cooling off with ice, your body is forced to burn a dramatically larger number of calories. I have heard that sucking on ice cubes or drinking cold water also helps you to lose weight because your body has to use energy to bring the cold water or ice up to your body’s temperature. Sounds like a similar phenomenon!

How Does Ice Therapy Work?
Ice therapy triggers hormones helpful for fat loss, you can use an ice pack that you can put on the back of your neck. The best locations for activating fat burning fat is putting ice on the upper back and the upper chest for 30 minutes while your watching TV.

500 ML Ice Water In The A.M.
Cold Shower In The A.M.
Ice Pack On Neck P.M.

Then you can buildup to taking a cold shower the next morning. And the final step, which Tim Ferriss, the author of the bestselling The 4-Hour Body does, is to take an actual ice bath up to your waist for 10 minutes, three times per week. But take it slowly – you should not go from doing nothing straight into an ice bath.