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PAGG Stack Supplements: Side Effects You Need to Know

The PAGG Stack, a combination of natural supplements, is the popular weight-loss accelerant first described in the The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. The system is designed to work best with the SCD (Slow Carb Diet). The PAGG stack has shown favorable results when used according to the recommended dosage. The letters P.A.G.G. represent the natural ingredients that include Policosanol, Alpha Lipolic Acid, Garlic and Green Tea. These ingredients are known to be all natural products and it has been reported safe to consume with other supplements. However, as with all medication and supplements there can be some side effects. Certain people who suffer from various medical conditions should consult their physician before starting a new supplement.

The side effects of PAGG on pregnant or nursing women is not fully researched, therefore, anyone who is pregnant or nursing should consult their physician before starting the system. A few of the ingredients in the system have been reported to hinder the bodies ability to clot blood, and have been known to alter thyroid hormone and blood sugar levels. To better understand the possible side effects and how a body might react to each of the supplements in the PAGG system, each supplement is listed with a brief explanation of potential side effects.

Policosonal- Extracted from sugar cane, this supplement is often used to effectively reduce high blood pressure. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, or for individuals that are expecting to undergo surgery within 14 days. Policosonal thins and decreases the stickiness of blood platelets, making it difficult to control bleeding. Other side effects include upset stomach, nausea, irritability and weight loss.

Alpha Lipolic Acid- An already existent chemical in the human body. The purpose of Alpha Lipolic Acid is to help the body turn glucose into energy. In supplement form, it has been known to reduce blood sugar, those that are diabetic should consult their physician and monitor their blood sugar levels. Patients that are taking chemotherapy treatments or medications should consult with their physician before using PAGG supplements as it may interfere with certain medications. Individuals with problematic thyroids should have their thyroid hormone monitored as this supplement can lower the thyroid hormone level. The effect on pregnant women is unclear.

Garlic Extract- Garlic has been proven to reduce blood pressure and offers a multitude of natural health aides, however, there are some medications that garlic may interfere with. Patients that are taking medications to treat HIV, Tuberculosis or are prescribed blood thinners should avoid garlic as it has been proven to negatively effect the medication. Women on birth control should not take garlic as it makes the contraceptive less effective.

Green Tea- Green tea, while generally harmless, may contain some undesired side effects. Caffeine is the primary chemical in green tea. Caffeine has been linked to anxiety, insomnia, headaches, loss of apatite and numerous problems for pregnant women, including low birth weight and miscarriage. Those that are pregnant or have anxiety or sleep disorders should avoid the any caffeinated green tea in a PAGG supplement. The 4HB Stack uses decaffeinated Green Tea extract for this reason.

For individuals who have little to no health issues, these supplements have proven to successfully help lose unwanted pounds. As with any supplemental program, it is best to check with your health care professional before beginning any supplement. This supplement, however, is not recommended for those who have blood disorders, are pregnant, or have diabetes or thyroid concerns.